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Make the Switch From Smoking to Vaping With These Simple Tips

How many times has some well-meaning person come up to you and suggested that you quit smoking “for your health”? As you know, it’s easy to decide you want to stop. Actually quitting is the hard part. However, there’s a new method in town that looks interesting and not like all those “quit smoking fast” […]

Disposable Vapes: Everything You Wanted to Know

Want to make vaping easy and even more tasty than ever? Try disposable vaping, the newest trend in the vape scene that has revamped the industry. Disposable vapes are simple to use, fit almost anywhere, and come in various flavours. Sure, it’s incredible to have your entire vape kit, complete with those premium accessories you’re […]

Vaping With the Stars: Which Celebrities Are Proud Vapers?

In a world where celebrities are monitored for every move they make, you might think they’d have to hide their “bad” habits. But with so many A- and B-list stars proudly displaying their vapes, it only shows that the trend is on the rise. Decades ago, celebrities were photographed with cigarettes, and every black and […]

Fruity Vaping: What Your Favourite Fruit Says About You

We all have our favorite flavours, whether they’re meals, gum, candy, or, most recently, vapes! When you’re all about disposable vaping, you probably notice you tend to go for one or two flavours over the rest. Well, that says something about your personality! What does your fruity tendency say about you? Check out these popular […]

4 Best Disposable Vape Brands

The disposable vape pen industry is skyrocketing. To stay at the top of the field, manufacturers must create unique flavours and products. Some of these brands are doing an excellent job, like our top four favorites for 2022 disposable vape pens. 1. GunnPod 2000 GunnPod’s device is unique because you can use it right away […]

Fact or Fiction? Ten Myths About Disposable Vapes

What have you heard about disposable vapes recently? If you read the news, chances are, you’re confused about what’s fact and what’s fiction. A disposable vape pen works like a smaller, discrete version of an e-cigarette. A chamber or tank holds the juice, which becomes a vapour when combusted. An atomizer and heating element, rather […]

Buy iGet

Welcome to our vape store, where you’ll find a wide variety of flavourful disposable vapes for every tastebud. Our featured product here is the iGet vape pen. iGet comes in multiple sizes, like the 2600 puff capacity disposable vape shown here. The iGet brand is known for its unique and enjoyable flavour, but here are […]

Disposable Vapes

There’s no shortage of disposable vapes on the shelves and online for you to try, so which kind should you start with next? The answer depends on whether you’re looking for factors like flavor, affordability, convenience, etc. Disposable vapes are unfazed by the federal ban against prefilled pod flavors. Since you don’t have to charge […]

Why I Quit Smoking With Vapes and How You Can, Too

As a pack-a-day smoker, I knew all the ways I could better spend my money. I just didn’t care enough to quit the habit I also knew was likely killing me. I enjoyed it too much. Then, someone introduced me to vapes, and everything changed.  It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, I grew to prefer […]

GunnPod 2000 Flavours & Performance – A quick glance

GunnPod 2000 is the most searched brand in Australia. Most vapers like MTL vaping and unique flavours. Gunnpod flavours are astonishingly natural and offer great tastes and satisfying vaping sessions. Let’s explore more about them. What’s unique with Gunnpod Flavors? Gunnpod flavours are so natural and mimic the original taste and sensation. All the flavors […]

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