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Can You Switch Out E-Liquids With an iGet Pen?

iGet disposable vape pens have made a name as one of the best devices in their category. They’re a worldwide brand with an impressive reputation, and, understandably, you want to use them when you vape.

The only downside is that they need to be replaced when the tank of e-liquid runs out. Many people think a great way to get around this (and save money) is to use their personal stash of e-juice and refill the iGet pen’s tank instead of throwing it away. 

Sure, this could make vaping a little more affordable and a lot more eco-friendly. But is it a viable solution? In a word, no.

Why You Shouldn’t Refill Your Disposable Vape Pen

The design of the iGet disposable vape pen is intended to be just that: disposable. And what’s more, this brand is most effective when used with the iGet line of juice. Other liquids may not have the same consistency of ingredients and could clog the delicate components.

Traditional vape pens have more durable core structures that are specifically intended to hold up to long-term use. Disposable vape pens aren’t supposed to last longer than the puff capacity holds. If you add more liquid to the tank or try to force the battery to recharge, you risk the dangers that come with overloading the internal parts.

This can result in a leaky vape pen and subpar vapour production and become a dangerous safety hazard. Each vape pen works at carefully determined temperatures that turn the liquid into vapour. This temperature depends on the composition of the juice, and each type of juice has a different makeup. When you add your e-liquid to an iGet pen and heat it, it may overheat, causing an explosion.

Choose Your Pen, But Don’t Mix Them

The good news is that you do have options. You can stick with the iGet device or use a vape pen designed to be refillable. Some pens have tanks and pods that work well with any brand of juice. You should note that not all pen components are compatible with every liquid composition, though.

No matter what you do, follow the device’s instructions to ensure you’re using it correctly. Dispose of your vape correctly when you’re finished with it so that it can be repurposed as much as possible and reduce damage to the environment.

Always buy your vape pens and e-juice from reputable in-person or online retailers like OzGunnPod. That way, you know you’re getting the freshest, best-quality vapes with high-quality ingredients. And never try to use your e-liquids in an iGet disposable vape.

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