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Make the Switch From Smoking to Vaping With These Simple Tips

How many times has some well-meaning person come up to you and suggested that you quit smoking “for your health”? As you know, it’s easy to decide you want to stop. Actually quitting is the hard part. However, there’s a new method in town that looks interesting and not like all those “quit smoking fast” […]

Buy iGet

Welcome to our vape store, where you’ll find a wide variety of flavourful disposable vapes for every tastebud. Our featured product here is the iGet vape pen. iGet comes in multiple sizes, like the 2600 puff capacity disposable vape shown here. The iGet brand is known for its unique and enjoyable flavour, but here are […]

Disposable Vapes

There’s no shortage of disposable vapes on the shelves and online for you to try, so which kind should you start with next? The answer depends on whether you’re looking for factors like flavor, affordability, convenience, etc. Disposable vapes are unfazed by the federal ban against prefilled pod flavors. Since you don’t have to charge […]

Why I Quit Smoking With Vapes and How You Can, Too

As a pack-a-day smoker, I knew all the ways I could better spend my money. I just didn’t care enough to quit the habit I also knew was likely killing me. I enjoyed it too much. Then, someone introduced me to vapes, and everything changed.  It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, I grew to prefer […]

Do You Really Know IGET King? Read These 5 Facts and Find Out!

IGET King is quite possibly the most popular vape brand in the country. The brand’s impressive disposable vape pen and variety of intense flavours make it a hit with vapers everywhere. But do you really know everything about this vape master and the newest King vape on the market? Here are five frequently asked questions […]

GunnPod 2000 puff Disposable vape – Best selling vapes in Australia

GunnPod 2000 is one of the best selling vapes in Australia. If you are looking for safer, efficient, and smooth vaping sessions, GunnPod 2000 is your go-to option. People looking for a satisfactory rush to quit smoking can get the same from GunnPod 2000 disposable vapes. GunnPod is designed to satisfy the needs of beginners […]

iGet King disposable vapes in Australia

iGet King, as the name suggests, is truly a king of disposable vapes. iGet comes with everything beginner vapers need and experienced vapers enjoys. iGet King is not unique, but it offers the best of everything and is worth every penny you pay. Let’s explore more about its performance and features. Built quality & looks […]

GunnPod 2000 vs iGet King

Move over, tobacco. Vaping is the new, healthier smoking method in town. Over the past decade, vaping has moved from “trendy” to “timeless.” As more manufacturers create and release new flavours and accessories, vapers get to keep their favourites and experiment with new brands. Two of the more popular recent releases are GunnPods and iGet […]

GunnPod 2000 Puffs Most Preferred Flavours

GunnPod 2000 Puffs Most Preferred Flavours Every industry has something to do with the electronic revolution. Digital technology is entering into everyday life quite firmly. This includes leisure and hobbies. They have also become part of this process. When it comes to smoking, the launch of e-cigarettes in the 90s was a real revolutionary breakthrough. Today, […]

Best selling GunnPod 2000 – Strawberry Kiwi, Cola Ice, Peach Ice

Best selling GunnPod 2000 – Strawberry Kiwi, Cola Ice, Peach Ice and Passion Fruit Mango Disposable vapes have become very popular today, and this popularity is gaining momentum. For those who are sympathetic to the vaping community, the process is not a surprise. On the website you can order the products you need at the […]

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