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Disposable Vapes: Everything You Wanted to Know

Want to make vaping easy and even more tasty than ever? Try disposable vaping, the newest trend in the vape scene that has revamped the industry. Disposable vapes are simple to use, fit almost anywhere, and come in various flavours.

Sure, it’s incredible to have your entire vape kit, complete with those premium accessories you’re so proud of, when you’re home. But when you’re on the road traveling for any reason, setting up your kit is inefficient and time-consuming.

Is a disposable vape the answer to your travel vaping woes? Check out this article, and decide if a disposable vape is the next best thing to add to your packing list.

Disposable Vapes: The Definition

You’ve heard of Disposables, Puff Bars, vape sticks, mods, and other terms. They all refer to a disposable vape, which is an e-cigarette that comes already filled with e-juice. They’re activated when you draw, no buttons necessary, and are disposed of when all the e-liquid inside is vaporised.

Multiple brands have disposable vape options, like GunnPod and iGET vapes. Your favorite brand likely has a disposable line with flavours you’ve never tried before.

Disposable Vapes in Action

Vapes always consist of three items: the battery, the coil, and the e-liquid chamber. Disposable vapes have these features in miniature form. When you draw on the vape, the airflow activator spins, waking the battery up. 

When activated, the battery powers the coil, which heats up the e-liquid. This liquid turns into vapour, and the user inhales it into their mouth and lungs.

Directions for Using Disposable Vapes

If disposable vapes weren’t so easy to use, they wouldn’t be as popular as they are. They’re even easier than lighting a traditional cigarette and inhaling.

You shouldn’t have to charge a disposable vape since the battery is intended to outlast the puff capacity. When you get yours, open the package, inhale on the device, and instantly, you get tasty, flavoured vapour. When the e-liquid is gone, and the vape stops dispensing vapour, dispose of your pen correctly and start a new one.

Speaking of Disposing, How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?

Before you buy a vape, read the package. It will tell you things like the battery size and puff capacity. The larger the battery, the more e-liquid in the vape, and the more puff capacity your pen gives you. 

In general, though, the mAh of the battery is matched to how much liquid is in the vape. You should run out of juice before your battery dies.

Why Go Disposable?

If you’re in absolute love with your vape kit, and you don’t mind setting it up everywhere you go, keep it! But there will be times when it’s not convenient, and a disposable vape gets the job done easier.

Disposable vapes are cheaper for short-term use, and they’re portable. You don’t have to take any time to set them up, so they’re ready for instant use the second they come out of the package.

However, unless vaping is an occasional thing for you, don’t throw away your vape kit yet. Disposables have a short lifespan and aren’t refillable. It will be expensive to keep disposables as a full-time hobby. 

How Do You Know Which Disposable Vape is the Best?

You can’t go wrong if you’re buying reputable brands from legitimate sellers, like OZGunnPod. Taste and preference are individual, and there are various disposable vapes and flavours to choose from.

Look for pens that have the nicotine strength you want and the battery size/puff capacity to match your usage. From there, find the flavour that entices you best, and give it a try!

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