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Disposable Vapes in Australia: Reviewing the IGet King 2600

In Australia, the iGet disposable vape line stands almost in a league of its own. Now that the company has added the King to its reputable line of products, that reputation continues to keep them in the top vape rankings.

The iGet King disposable vape is used by many as a way to quit the deadly habit of tobacco smoking. It’s a healthier method to get the fix you’re craving without the hazardous carcinogens and other chemicals. And for those looking for a no-nicotine vape to start breaking the addiction entirely, iGet has those products, too.

The iGet King 2600 disposable vape is ideal for beginners through advanced users. What makes this product so popular? Read on to find out!

The Design is Stylish

There are various electronic cigarettes on the market, but not all of them look like they could accessorize your outfit. The iGet King’s sexy, sleek metal case matches your look while making it lightweight and portable. Slide the pen into your pocket or purse, and you’ll forget it’s there as you go about your day.

There’s a second bonus to this design. The mouthpiece is ergonomically-friendly, easy to use, and comfortable. Simply put it in your mouth and inhale!

The Specs are Top-Notch

We all know design is important, but it’s the features that really make the product stand out. The iGet King 2600’s aluminum case does double-duty as a flavour preservation container, keeping iGet’s strong and rich-tasting e-juices fresh and potent.

The small design is deceiving: This tiny device is quite powerful, housing 8.5 mL of e-juice that give you 2600 puffs. Other vape devices that store this much liquid are bulky and harder to carry, but the King is sleek and portable.

Another spec that users love is the powerful, long-lasting battery. The 1400 mAh capacity ensures you’ll have access to all 2600 puffs well before you’ll need to worry about your battery draining.

The Tastes Are Impressive

So what’s an e-cigarette without flavours that make you want to vape them? Tobacco cigarettes are, let’s face it, disgusting until you get used to them. But vapes use flavoured juice to give the user a delicious vaping experience.

Each vape pen has its own line of flavours. The iGet King’s varieties cover 16 unique, richly flavoured tastes; you can even mix them. Looking for a way to reduce your nicotine intake? The King has that, too.

Move Over, Australia; the Vape King is Here

You’d think that the price would be out of the average pocket range with all of these incredible features in one small pen. But the final plus to the iGet King is that it’s quite affordable! If you want a vape pen that puts the control of your experience in your hands (quite literally), go for the iGet King. You’ll quickly see why so many Australians prefer this device over the rest of the vape products on the market.

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