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Disposable Vapes

There’s no shortage of disposable vapes on the shelves and online for you to try, so which kind should you start with next? The answer depends on whether you’re looking for factors like flavor, affordability, convenience, etc.

Disposable vapes are unfazed by the federal ban against prefilled pod flavors. Since you don’t have to charge them or fill them, they fall under a separate category. This is actually helpful to you because you don’t have to buy refills or deal with waiting for the battery to charge. You get rid of the old vape, grab a new one, and enjoy your next flavor or your favorite standby.

These vapes use nic salts to provide the powerful flavor and feeling you love, but they’re not all the same. Here, we’ll review the top brands we prefer: Gunnpod2000, Gunnpod Wave + Meta, IGet BAR, IGet XXL, and IGet King.

GunnPod 2000

Gunnpod varieties of disposable vapes have made Xcelenecia a top brand manufacturer. The 2000, named for its ability to provide you with 2000 puffs, is an oblong-shaped case made out of aluminum.

This vape holds 8 mL of e-liquid, which is why you get so much bang for your buck. It’s designed for an experienced vaper looking for something made out of excellent quality with a wide array of flavors to choose from.

Gunnpod vapes come in 22 different flavours, some of which are so unique you don’t see them elsewhere. Not sure which kind you want to try? Go for the value bundle to get a mix of choices, and consume them all to find out which one becomes your favorite.

Vaping also gives you control of the nicotine you inhale, which is helpful when you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes but don’t want to go cold turkey. The Gunnpod 2000 has enough of a puff capacity that you won’t have to get a new vape to keep up the pace you once had with your old cigarette habit.

Features include a 2000 puff-per-device capacity, a convenient size made with premium material, and an easy-to-operate disposable vape. A 1250mAh battery capacity gives you time to enjoy your choice of 22 different flavours with a 5% salt nicotine ratio.

GunnPod Wave

Is 2000 puffs not enough for you? How about the Gunnpod Wave and its impressive 3500 puff capacity? The same 1250mAh battery is strong enough to last for all those inhales, plus the 12 mL capacity holds enough of your preferred e-juice that you won’t need a new vape for a while.

This vape uses a mesh coil with an adjustable airflow to let you control how much nicotine you’re getting. Flavours include a mix of multiple fruits, like grape, with the dominant grape flavor followed with hints of mixed berries and menthol.

Other fun and enjoyable flavors include Blue Raspberry Cherry Lemon, Cola, Fruit Monster, Mango Peach, Lush, Double Apple, Summer Breeze, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Pineapple Orange Guava, and Peach Blue Raspberry Ice. The “ice” reference at the end ensures you’ll get the menthol flavor in addition to the fruity boost.

GunnPod Meta

Similar to the Wave, Gunnpod Meta is the go-to for experienced vapers or those trying to quit smoking. Because it provides you with a 4000 puff capacity, it’s a hardcore disposable vape.

Besides the slightly larger tank, the Meta also has flavours you can’t get with the Wave. Maxi-Energy, Strawberry Lush, Blue Razz, Fruit Club, Blackberry Ice, Passionfruit, Peach Cocktail, Apple Bomb, and Mixed Berry are tempting flavours that might convince you that you need a Meta in your life.

iGet Bar

Right at the same level as Gunnpod is the IGET brand. You really can’t go wrong with either of them. They have a few distinctive differences, though.

The IGET Bar 3500 still has a 3500 puff capacity in its 12 mL e-liquid tank and a 5% nicotine level. However, the battery is slightly stronger, at 1500 mAh.

There aren’t as many flavours in this brand, but what they do have are impressive and delicious. Choose from crowd favorites like Blackberry Ice, Grape Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, Cherry Pomegranate, Double Apple, Lush Ice, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, and Strawberry Watermelon Ice. Or, stick with the two most popular brands: Ice Cream and Cola Ice.

iGet XXL

If you’re just starting out or looking for something you can vape at your leisure, the IGET XXL is for you. Less powerful than the 3500, this vape is designed for occasional pleasure.

It’s made from light SS material, which isn’t as bulky to handle as the typical aluminum vape. The smaller tank provides 7 mL of e-liquid with a 5% nicotine content. The battery and puff capacity can handle up to 1800 puffs at 950mAh.

Although it’s not as strong, you get more flavour variety with this disposable vape. In addition to most of the same flavours as the IGET Bar, you can also try yummy-tasting Pink Lemonade, Passionfruit Mango, Kiwi Ice, Cotton Candy, Mint, and Pineapple Juice, among others.

iGet King

The iGet King disposable vape is an excellent compromise between occasional use and consistent vaping. Its 2600 puff capacity is more than enough for the average user. The tank holds 8.50 mL of e-liquid, and the battery pack houses an impressive 1400 mAh of power.

The major difference between the King and other brands is that the nicotine level is 6 mg/mL, as opposed to the 5 mg/mL on the rest of the items on this list. This is ideal for people trying to quit smoking from a heavy habit, but not the preferred vape if you’ve never smoked or vaped before.

Flavours in the King include Mango Bomb, Strawberry Watermelon, Blackberry Raspberry ice, Cola Ice, Iced Blueberry, Iced Grape, Lush Fruit, Passion Fruit Pineapple, Cool Peach, and Cranberry Ice.

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