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Do You Really Know IGET King? Read These 5 Facts and Find Out!

IGET King is quite possibly the most popular vape brand in the country. The brand’s impressive disposable vape pen and variety of intense flavours make it a hit with vapers everywhere.

But do you really know everything about this vape master and the newest King vape on the market? Here are five frequently asked questions and the answers that you might not have realized. Use your new knowledge the next time you head to the store and try to decide between the IGET King Vape and another brand.

1. What is an IGET King Vape, Anyway?

If you’re a vaper who hasn’t tried an IGET King vape yet, you’re missin gout.

This disposable vape is sleekly designed to be slim enough to slide in your pocket, yet strong enough to hold an over 2600 puff capacity. The clear atomizer tank attached to the sexy black aluminum pen lets you know visibly that you’re running low long before it’s time to get a new vape.

Your device, should you choose to purchase one, houses 8.5 mL of e-liquid within those 2600 plus puff capacity tanks. You can select from ten flavours that fit in the King vape, and try a mixed package if you’re not sure which one to choose! The size and intensity are ideal for intermediate and advanced vapers.

2. What are the IGET King Vape Specs?

As we mentioned earlier, you get about 2600 puffs in your King vape. In each tank, the 8.5 mL e-liquid has a 60mg/ml nicotine strength. If you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes, you won’t even notice a tobacco craving once you start using the IGET King vape.

The battery is 1400mAh, quite strong for a vape this size. While your battery is kicking, you can easily enjoy all ten of the IGET King flavours. Try the ever-popular Iced Grape or Blueberry, the Blackberry Raspberry Ice or Cola Ice, Cool Peach, Lush Fruit, Strawberry Watermelon, and Passion Fruit, Pineapple, and Cranberry Ice. You’ll love them all, but the bestsellers right now are Pineapple Juice, Mango Bomb, and Iced Grape.

3. How Does the IGET King Compare to Cigarettes?

When your goal is to quit cigarettes and switch to vapes, you want the best bang for your buck, so to speak. With the IGET King priced at anywhere between $35 and $55, depending on what package you get, that initial price can give you a bit of sticker shock. But when you do the math (it’s okay, we’ll do it for you), it all makes sense.

In a pack of cigarettes, you get about 20, averaging about 300 puffs. With an IGET King vape holding 2600 plus puffs, this averages out to around 92 cigarettes, or about five packs. Think about how much a pack of your favorite tobacco sticks costs, then multiply that times five. Is the IGET King a better deal? We know it’s a better taste!

4. Can An IGET King Be Rechargeable?

The 8.5 mL capacity can last you at least a week if you aren’t vaping all the time, but it’s not rechargeable. To make your vape last and give you the smoothest flavour, don’t inhale too quickly. Take a drag, then give the coil a chance to reset and grab more juice.

When you vape, inhale from the mouthpiece in small puffs at first, then exhale. These smaller puffs keep you from absorbing too much vapour and high dosages of nicotine. Until you’re used to the vape, those shorter puffs will keep your IGET King lasting longer.

5. Where Can You Get an IGET King?

With the laws changing regarding vape purchases all the time, it’s easiest and cheapest to get your vape at our store

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