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Fact or Fiction? Ten Myths About Disposable Vapes

What have you heard about disposable vapes recently? If you read the news, chances are, you’re confused about what’s fact and what’s fiction.

A disposable vape pen works like a smaller, discrete version of an e-cigarette. A chamber or tank holds the juice, which becomes a vapour when combusted. An atomizer and heating element, rather than fire, vaporize the liquid. Instead of smoke and all the chemicals and toxins that come with it, the user inhales the vapor.

Although it might seem like vapes have been around for a long time, they’re still new enough that we don’t have extensive research on their long-term effects. E-cigarettes came out in 2003, but the taste turned many people away from using them. When disposable vapes and e-liquids hit the market, their popularity increased significantly. Now, the ease of use and flavour options, plus the discreteness of vaping, make disposable vapes a preferred product for millions of people.

How Vapes Are Different From Cigarettes

When you light a traditional cigarette, the flame combusts to deliver the nicotine into your lungs on your inhale. Disposable vapes get rid of the smoke and flame, using small lithium-ion batteries to spark the atomizer. This, in turn, changes the liquid solution into a gas (aka, vapor). In gaseous form, the vapor has very little, if any, harmful chemicals in it.

Vapes are primarily suggested for people who want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, which have extensive dangerous side effects. However, although it’s safer than smoking, vaping in and of itself is not entirely safe. The best way to avoid all side effects is to not smoke at all.

Still, vaping has many advantages over traditional cigarettes in addition to increased safety. If you want to smoke, disposable vape pens are conveniently designed to be portable, discrete, and simple to use. You can tuck them in your pocket or purse, and turn them on and off as needed.

The disposable vape pen uses an ignitor to convert the e-juice from liquid to flavoured vapor almost instantly. Users can vape herbs, concentrates, and wax instead of the nicotine juices, or choose nic-free liquides. Some disposable pens even offer three-in-one blends. 

Myth or Fact? The Truth About Vaping

Today’s disposable vapes are almost unrecognizable from the first e-cigs developed back in the early 2000s. But the ideas that many people hold about them are either way off base or belong in those starter days.

Are you still holding onto some of these outdated myths and letting them keep you from vaping? Check out the fact versus fiction of the most common arguments against disposable vapes.

1. Vaping is the Same as Smoking

Because disposable vape juice often has nicotine, many people wonder what all the buzz is about. Why are vapes touted as better than cigarettes when they’re both habit-forming? 

Well, yes, they do both have nicotine, if you use nic e-juice. However, tobacco cigarettes also have additives and chemicals like tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and other deadly ingredients. Disposable vapes are water-based, so they may have nicotine, but they don’t have the rest of the dangerous elements in them. 

The nicotine levels in e-juices and e-liquides are marked on the package. You know how much nicotine is in the vape, and you can control your intake. This isn’t possible with traditional cigarettes that contain various nicotine levels.

2. Disposable vapes are explosive.

Remember a few years ago when airlines stopped letting certain cell phones on flights because they had lithium-ion batteries? A few of those phones exploded, and were recalled for better safety production.

Disposable vapes also use lithium-ion batteries, as do phones, laptops, and many other devices. When you purchase one made from low-quality materials and a less than reputable manufacturer, yes, it could explode. Don’t try to alter your vape or batteries, use them as directed, and buy from reputable companies, and you’ll be safe.

3. Disposable vapes must be unsafe because the manufacturers hide the ingredients.

Once again, this depends on the manufacturer. Legitimate companies disclose their ingredients. If you don’t see a list on the product you’re about to buy, put it back and find a reputable company, like OZGunnpod, to purchase your vaping products from.

4. Disposable vapes are illegal (or will be).

When it comes to vaping, a few places have banned the use of e-cigarettes, such as federal buildings and restaurants, but there aren’t any bans on the sale of them. There isn’t legislation in process to ban them, either. Regulations restrict e-cigarettes and qualify them into the same category as tobacco products. This makes it illegal to sell to children under 18, and they can’t be advertised in stores.

5. Vaping is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.

As mentioned earlier, vape juice is heated through a combustion component and turned into vapor. Some e-juices contain a product called diacetyl, linked to the rare condition known as Popcorn Lung. The chemical was also used in some food production factories to create the buttery flavor of popcorn. 

But most e-juice brands don’t use diacetyl, and Popcorn Lung has not been traced to any vape other than those. Rather, e-liquids contain glycerin, water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavours, with a 90% content of water and glycerin.

6. Vaping causes cancer.

In today’s world, it seems like everything causes cancer in some myth or another, so it’s not surprising that vaping is attached to this fallacy. Disposable vapes don’t have tobacco, which excludes them from carrying the more than 7,000 chemicals contained in traditional cigarettes, of which 69 are known carcinogens. Still, since disposable vaping is relatively new, there aren’t sufficient long-term studies to show how it will affect overall health.

7. Vaping is more expensive than smoking.

If you’ve been in a gas station recently and looked at the price of a pack of cigarettes, you probably wonder why anyone would choose to smoke. Vapes are often more expensive, but they are puff-based. One vape can last longer than one pack of cigarettes, depending on how much you puff. You can buy high-end products if you enjoy vaping and want the best quality, but the average disposable vape is competitively priced with traditional cigarettes.

8. Vape companies are targeting non-smokers.

Most vape companies clearly state that their product isn’t the healthiest choice. If you don’t smoke already, don’t start. But if you are a current smoker and you want a healthier habit, disposable vapes give you the nicotine you crave without the thousands of dangerous added ingredients.

9. Disposable vapes are more addictive than cigarettes.

Nicotine is nicotine. The amount of it you’re inhaling in a cigarette or disposable vape depends on the level of the product. The biggest difference is that with a vape, you can see how much you’re getting and even control it. Nicotine is addictive at any level and in any form, but vaping is not more addictive than cigarettes.

10. You can buy disposable vapes anywhere.

Disposable vapes are categorized as tobacco products, although they don’t have tobacco in them. They fall under the same regulations as cigarettes. You can’t buy them if you’re under 18 (or 19, in some places). If you by them online, you must prove that you can legally purchase tobacco products. 

There are consequences if you choose to give them to someone under the legal age. Remember, anyone can give alcohol, prescription drugs, cigarettes, or other products to a person who shouldn’t have them. Vaping is no different. Fraud happens, and there are laws against it for the user, the buyer, and the seller.

Be sure to buy your vape products from a reputable company, like OZGunnpod, and you’ll avoid many of the problems that started these myths. 

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