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GunnPod 2000 Disposable Vapes – Australia

A GunnPod 2000 is the hottest disposable vape on the Australian market. The style and feel of the e-cig device follow the youth’s taste and are in step with the trend. It ias frosting covering permits the users to vape comfortably. GunnPod vape textures are so light to touch and hold. Insofar as 8mL e-liquid volume meets the safety guidelines. Why it’s called 2000? Based on the number of puffs allowed. In addition, GunnPod Australia vape ensures that a user can adore 2000 draws. Bonus, vapers can relish juicy cravings for an extended time because 2000 e-cigs vape tied up with 1050mAh pre-charged batteries. Chill out because you would not have to put GunnPod 2000 vape on recharging.

Features of GunnPod 2000 vape:

  • Comfy design
  • Premium build
  • Frosty casing
  • Smooth texture
  • Brimful e-juice
  • Satisfying draws
  • Top performance
  • Pre-charged battery
  • Draw-activated vape
  • Interminable flavours
  • Safe from short-circuit 
  • No port for recharging

Parameters of GunnPod 2000 puff Australia:

  • E-juice: 8mL
  • Puffs vaping capacity: 2000 
  • Battery Strength: 1250 mAh

How to use GunnPod disposable vapes?

At first, do an unboxing, and take away elegant packaging. Take the GunnPod vape out. Hold the shiny, long-lasting 2000 disposable pen. An abundantly charged battery is waiting for you. So, take a petite pull or draw. GunnPod vape will set an enormous battery on the trot on working. How convenient it is one would turn the battery ON. Crikey! Next, it would power the coil.

Meanwhile, 2000 Australia vape clouds start hitting the vaper’s throat. Note, now, it’s easy to say goodbye to obsolete and bulky e-cigs because enduring GunnPod vapes are there to serve. Vape smartly with us! 

GunnPod 2000 puff flavours

GunnPod 2000 Australia e-cig vape is gnarly for flavours and gives a rapt vaping session. Flavoursome seasonal & off-season delightful fruits aroma for vapers. So, the GunnPod brand 2000 vapes pen flavours list is there for you.

Blueberry Raspberry: 

Blueberry Raspberry by GunnPod tantalizes the palate with 2 varieties of berries. Unforgettable fresh fruity tart & sweet taste packed together.

Strawberry Lush:

Strawberry Lush will take the vaping session on edge. This savour invigorates the mind and taste buds with ripe watermelon & strawberries.  

Lush Ice: 

Lush Ice is no doubt ideal for every single vaper who requires sweetness. In addition, with the sugar taste, your palate will feel the cooling effects of Lush Ice.


Vapers highly admire the Lychee flavour and taste. Juicy savour, bursting with more than 2 fruits taste. For instance, similarly to pear or strawberry with traces of citrus.  

Cola Ice:

The GunnPod 2000 Australia disposable vape has something for drinks and cola lovers. This savour taste matches with frozen methanol kick.


Pineapple vape juice flavour has incredible fruity sensitivity. Additionally, the tang of the bracing is orange. Sometimes feel over-sweet, and rarely do clouds leave a luscious taste. Pineapple is more delicious and famous among tropical savours of the GunnPod vape series.


The peach flavour of GunnPod 2000 Australia vape prepares from the sweetest peaches. The refreshing and fantastic aroma takes vaping the session to new heights on edge. Moreover, vapers praised the standard aftertaste of cream and menthol in pineapple flavour.


Mango flavour has the unique and pure palate of completely ripe mangoes. Now, revitalise the taste buds even in winter, too, with GunnPod mango savour.  

Strawberry Kiwi:

It is pretty famous for vapers to vape Strawberry Kiwi all day long. However, these two fruits overpower Strawberry Kiwi’s flavour. Bonus, berries and kiwi had a small amount of methanol, providing a fresh, fruity flavour.

Raspberry Mint:

Raspberry & Mint taste too good together. It seems berries and herbs are each other’s cup of tea. Sweet plus a minor tart sensitivity of raspberries and Mint make the e-juice blend stunning.

Mixed Berry:

How can fruit lovers say no to the bowl of succulent and titillating berries? Mixed Berry 2000 Australia vape flavour has a bonzer taste and a chocka e-juice tank for daylong vaping.

Cool Mint:

Remarkable breezy e-juice savour, i.e., Mint again with the most exemplary trace of Nic salt without frills. This 2000 vape flavour delivers a uniformly balanced herbal taste. Cool Mint sprightly appeases the ice lovers’ vaper’s cravings.

Mango Guava: 

Here is something extra for a sweet and sour taste enthusiast. Mango Guava savour is specially prepared to please vapers. That’s called enjoy 2 flavours in one shot.

Passion Fruit Mango: 

Two fruits brimming in one e-cig tank. That’s the legend of flavours listed there. Passionfruit Mango is covering all the unique mixture of exotic fruits. 

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