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GunnPod 2000 vs iGet King

Move over, tobacco. Vaping is the new, healthier smoking method in town.

Over the past decade, vaping has moved from “trendy” to “timeless.” As more manufacturers create and release new flavours and accessories, vapers get to keep their favourites and experiment with new brands.

Two of the more popular recent releases are GunnPods and iGet King. These high-quality names give vapers rich flavours at an affordable price. The only question is: Which one do you choose when you’re new to vaping?

Don’t let the dilemma stick you in an eenie-meenie-miny-mo situation. Use these expert tips to help you pick whether your next vaping experience is GunnPods or iGet King.


Size doesn’t always matter, but with vaping, it’s pretty important. You want a vape product that’s compact enough to be portable, yet large enough to hold all the contents that make a top-quality item.

Both GunnPods and iGet King are compact, but GunnPod 2000 is slightly larger. The size differences don’t impact the strength or quantity. They vary because of the internal structure of the product’s design. 

Keep size in mind when you’re searching for vape products. With these two brands, though, you’re getting the right size to enjoy when you’re traveling.


Generic brands offer generic flavours. As you learn more about vaping, you’re going to want to try a variety of tastes to see which ones you prefer. GunnPod 2000 and iGet King offer an assortment of delicacies.

If you’re looking for fruity, delicious vapes for your taste buds, start with GunnPod 2000. These vapes come with strong, rich flavours and aromas with an icy kick. 

iGet King’s flavour line focuses more on the icy part of the taste, with fruity strengths as a secondary kick. 

Both brands have an excellent flavour choice to help you try out different tastes. The one you choose first depends on whether you want an icy kick or an icy vape.

The Rush

Ultimately, we all want our vapes to give us an intense overall experience, otherwise known as “the rush.” 

With a top rush, you want to repeat the experience over and over, so you find the same brand, flavour, and quantity that gave you that incredible rush.

GunnPod 2000 and iGet King offer a wide array of flavours that make the experience powerful. 

GunnPod 2000’s flavours include strawberry with kiwi, mixed berry, mango ice, banana, cola ice, passion fruit, and more. iGet King’s line brings in similar flavors that blend well with the icy foundation. Enjoy lychee ice, passion fruit grape ice, raspberry ice, mango bombs, and other varieties.

Each of these flavours is designed to enhance your overall experience and give you the rush you’ve been looking for. 

Puff Capacity

Of course, flavour is important, but you want to make sure your vape gives you value, too. A vape that’s gone within a few puffs isn’t worth the money to the average vaper on a budget, even if the flavour is on point.

GunnPod 2000 and iGet King are cost-effective, giving you high puff capacity for your money. GunnPod 2000 comes in two puff capacity sizes: 600+ and 2000+. iGet King’s sizes are 700+ capacity and 2600+ capacity. 

This variation lets beginners or those trying a new flavour for the first time experiment with the smaller size and move on to the bigger option if they like it.


When it comes to vape, one size does not fit all. But how do you know which one is your preferred flavour and capacity if you haven’t tried them all yet?

That’s where a combo pack comes in handy. Both of our targeted brands offer their top flavours in combinations. You get a random set of flavours in each pack, with GunnPod 2000 offering more of a variety than iGet King. 

Once you find the flavours you enjoy the most, you can move on to the single selections. Or, keep going with the combo packs and surprise yourself every time you light up.

The Choice is Yours

Choosing between GunnPod 2000 and iGet King might not be the easiest decision, but the good news is you can’t go wrong either way. Both these brands have high-quality, rich flavours, intensity, and size options. 

Check out the flavour varieties, decide if you want your vape to be icy then flavourful, or have a flavourful taste with an icy kick. Then, add these items to your cart and enjoy the experience.

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