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GunnPod Vape 2000: The Best Or Hell

As of 2021, disposable cartridges were the preferred method of vaping among more than half of vapers. Refillable and prefilled cartridges were a distant second.

Up until then, the numbers were reversed, with disposable vaping the less popular version. But now that we have options like GunnPod Vape 2000, it’s much easier and inexpensive to switch to disposable cartridges rather than use prefilled pods.

GunnPod has made a distinctive name for itself in the vaping industry. The high quality product combined with affordable prices means GunnPod is the go-to brand for vapers of all ages and demographics.

But is the highly touted GunnPod Vape 2000 worth the $30ish dollar price tag? We’re going to break down the product for you and let you make your consumer decision.

Safety First

One of the main concerns about vaping products, particularly disposables, is the safety. Since many doctors are recommending vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, it’s clear that vaping is safer that cigarettes. However, we all agree that it’s better to not smoke anything. 

Still, if you must partake of an inhalant, vaping is less dangerous than tobacco. Tobacco cigarettes produce a smoky byproduct that has thousands of hazardous chemicals in it. Vaping e-cigarettes, on the other hand, produces vapor, not smoke. The end result still means chemicals are created, but on a substantially lesser scale than with cigarettes.

The Design is Sleek

First of all, why do looks matter in a disposable vape? We’re not sure, but we know it does. When something looks sleek and sexy, it simply feels better to use it. 

But beyond the magnitude of the appearance, the Vape 2000 is designed to provide an optimal performance. You can use it right away without charging it as the 1250 mAH battery is fully charged from the get-go. At a 1250 mAH strength, your vape can last a long time.

More Flavor Options

The GunnPod brand always has tasty, high-quality flavors, so we’re not surprised that the Vape 2000’s offerings hit the sweet spot, too. When you’re ready to indulge in your fruity cravings, look for the newest line of soda ice, strawberry kiwi, and grape.

GunnPod Cola Ice is like vaping your old-school gas station cola freezes. You have the smell of cola as you breathe in, and the icy feel on your tongue, so cold it burns in the best of ways all the way to your lungs.

Strawberry kiwi, the next new GunnPod Vape flavor, is a tasty mix of soft strawberry and a tangy kiwi hit. You can almost feel the refreshing burst of the fruit in your mouth with each vape, and with a 100% VG base, it’s one of the healthiest options on the market.

GunnPod Grape is clear, strong, and sweet. If you’re looking for the flavor of grape that you grew up on with your favorite bubble gum, this is the one for you.

In addition to these new fruity flavors, there’s always the tried and true President GunnPod. This sweet, tangy blend of blueberry and blackberry is a favorite for GunnPod Vape users everywhere.

High-Quality Ingredients

One of the things that makes GunnPod so attractive to loyal consumers is the high quality ingredients the company uses. GunnPod’s fruity flavors are a 100% VG base, made from premium ingredients with a sleekly designed disposable device.

Nic Salt comes from cigarette leaves, and it can be delivered to the bloodstream through e-fluids like Gunn Pod’s juices. With the juice method, vapers get a clearer, smoother flavor, along with fewer side effects.

The Puff Capacity is Average

A solid disposable vape product has enough of a puff capacity to make it worth the cost, and the GunnPod Vape doesn’t disappoint. At a 2000 puff capacity, it’s the equivalent of 120-200 cigarettes.

This will last you anywhere from two days to one week, depending on how frequently you vape.

When you’re done with it, you can throw it away. If you want a rechargeable version with the same type of options, you can get the GunnPod Vape 4000 instead.

What’s the Final Answer?

So, is a GunnPod Vape 2000 in your near future? If you’re convinced that this disposable vaping solution is something you must try, check out our sales here.

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