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GunnPod Vape 2000: The Real Review

One of the largest shifts in the vaping industry is the rise in disposable vapes. These handy devices have been around for years, but because of the reduced stigma attached to them and the convenience of use, they’re now seen everywhere.

As celebrities openly brandish their favorite vapes and more manufacturers hit the scene, one brand that continues to make headlines is the GunnPod Vape. GunnPod has been around almost since the beginning of vaping and is known for its high-quality, affordable products, like the GunnPod Vape 2000.

What is it about this vape that makes it stand out from the crowd? We’ll give you the details here for the real review of the GunnPod Vape 2000.

Just the Stats

With a liquid capacity of 6 mL and a lightweight size of 93x25x25 mm, this vape is pocket-friendly, discrete, and long-lasting. The battery is a sturdy 1250 mAh, and the e-juice has a nicotine content of 50 mg/mL.

The device comes pre-charged, and the intent is for the vape to be thrown away after the juice is emptied. You shouldn’t charge it, and trying to do so can be dangerous. The battery is sufficient enough to last until the e-juice is used. However, if it dies before you use all the liquid, the product is inexpensive, and it’s safer to throw the vape away and buy a new one than to try to disable it and recharge the battery.

Speaking of Safety … Is the GunnPod 2000 Safe?

When you’re asking about the safety of any vape, you’ll get a variety of responses. If the question is a matter of health, statistically, vaping is safer than smoking. However, it’s always safest to avoid picking up any kind of smoking habit, whether tobacco or vaping.

As far as the safety of the product, there are concerns that vapes have “blown up” in users’ faces. This happens when the manufacturer uses low-quality parts and ingredients or when the user does not follow recommended instructions. For instance, some people try to extend the battery life by recharging it, but the GunnPod vape and other disposables are not meant to be recharged.

The battery is sufficient to match the GunnPod 2000 puff life. If, for some rare reason, a particular pen’s battery doesn’t last, it should be affordable enough to dispose of and get another.

Purchasing “cheap” vapes also increases the risk of mechanical failure. Be sure to use a reputable dealer licensed to provide GunnPod wholesale to buyers. For GunnPod vapes in Australia, OzGunnPod is one safe choice.

GunnPod Flavours

Your next question is likely, “What about the taste of the GunnPod Vape 2000?” GunnPod is known for its vast array of flavour choices, and it’s considered one of the best quality disposables with the richest tastes.

GunnPod’s line includes a variety of fruits and ice flavours to create a line of products so yummy you’ll want to try them all. Some of the best sellers include:

  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Apple Bomb
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Grape
  • Blackberry Ice
  • Pina Colada
  • Cola Ice

Start by deciding whether you want a fruity finish or an icy feel, and then try each flavour within that category. You’re sure to find a favourite!

What’s the Overall Decision?

While we understand that no one and nothing can please everyone, we feel that we can safely say the GunnPod Vape 2000 will satisfy your vaping needs. Because the base is 100% VG, it’s healthier than other disposables on the market. The flavour variety is wider than other manufacturers, and the price point is affordable for most budgets.

The premium ingredients ensure every hit you take from your vape goes down smoothly with rich flavour. The GunnPod Vape 2000 contains a 5% salt nicotine level (50 mg/mL nicotine strength). These nicotine salts make the experience more enjoyable, leaving out the harsh nicotine taste but keeping the strength intact.

Choose your disposable pack by reading the size of the e-juice and battery life. With GunnPod Vape 2000, you get a 2000-puff capacity, replacing 6-10 packs of cigarettes and lasting up to one week (depending on your puff habit).

The ultimate decision-maker on this product is you. Head to and give the GunnPod Vape 2000 a try!

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