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How Vaping is Taking Over Smoking for Improved Health

Study after study attacks smoking as an unhealthy and addictive habit. But vaping, on the other hand, is harder to understand. 

Vaping in place of smoking is hands-down a better, healthier choice. Of course, any time you put something in your body that isn’t natural can have side effects. This goes for prescription medications, processed foods, and your favorite beverages. 

However, vaping has a lot of benefits over smoking, and that’s just plain factual.

Vaping or Smoking? 

Smokers have gone from “cool” to completely unwelcome in many places over the past few decades. This change is the result of many studies that have shown how smoking:

  • results in air pollution
  • exposes others to harmful chemicals through secondhand smoke
  • and is a major cause of lung cancer. 


It’s also because smoking makes you, and the people around you, smell. Over time, that smoke odor seeps into your fingers, clothes, and even the walls of your home. It’s almost impossible to eliminate the scent of a long-term smoker or those who live with them.

These arguments are some of the reasons that vaping has become so popular. Vaping solves all of those problems and then some!

The smoke produced by cigarettes is polluting the air, but the cigarette butts laying around left by smokers damages the environment even more. Vaping releases chemicals that result in some air pollution, but it’s much less than cigarettes release. The pen is reused, so there’s no reason to leave it sitting around like a cigarette butt!

Secondhand tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals. People who breathe it in, through no will of their own, are exposed to dozens of cancer-causing toxic chemicals. Vaping doesn’t require any burning that creates smoke. There is less of a chance of anyone around a vaper breathing in toxic fumes.

And since vaping is nearly odorless, it’s less of a burden on those nearby. A lot of people who vape use flavors to enhance their experience, like OzGunn Pod Vapes. These flavours might leave a slight scent, but it’s not overpowering like cigarette smoke is.


Vaping is Taking Over the Smoking Scene

It’s obvious that vaping is better for your health than cigarette smoking is. Switching from long-term cigarette use can reduce your chances of getting diseases like lung cancer. With so many flavorful choices and reusable vape products, vaping is the smart choice if you choose to smoke.

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