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Optimizing Your Gunnpod President Vape Experience

Every user’s vape experience is unique to them. It depends on factors such as your tastebuds, your environment (whether you’re rushed or relaxed), and the type of vape product you’re using. 

One of the top sellers on the market today is the Gunnpod President, but this vape pen isn’t your normal device. Follow these tips to ensure you get the optimal results from each puff you take.

What’s the Gunnpod President?

Although it’s a product that’s on the top vape lists and a bestseller at authorized shops such as OzGunnPod, the Gunnpod President isn’t your average pen. It stands out among the rest of the vaporizers because it was designed to make vaping nearly hassle-free.

The pen is compact and sleek, holding 2000 puffs in its tank. The lightweight materials and high-quality ingredients place the Gunnpod in a league of its own. The flavours, ranging from icy menthol to exotic fruity delicacies, are highly sought after.

Still, you’ll only get all the benefits of this impressive product if you follow the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Tips to Optimize the Gunnpod President

Ready to get started and see how the Gunnpod President will put the rest of your vape experiences to shame? Check out these tips before you indulge again:

  • Keep your coils fresh. The parts that come with the device are always ready to go. Provided you buy from an authorized wholesale shop like OzGunnPod, they should be fresh, but you’ll want to change them as you continue to use your product.
  • Before using your President, prime the device. To do this, add a tiny bit of water to the tank, turn on the power button, and watch the light. When it turns green, you can begin vaping as usual.
  • Check the wattage setting and compare it to the device’s instructions. The wattage should be set to the correct setting, but it can shift. You only need to check the manual once (as long as you remember the number) and adjust it if necessary. After that, you can enjoy your Gunnpod President and keep your atomizer from burning out at the wrong wattage.

Why Buy the Gunnpod President?

Why are so many people in Australia shopping for the Gunnpod President over other brands? The answer is a combination of the impressive line of rich flavours, the ease of use, and the affordability of the Gunnpod brand. Even better, the Gunnpod President is more eco-friendly than other vape pens.

If you’re ready to quit smoking, this is a great way to make the switch. The unique heating system lets the user inhale the vapour through the nose instead of the mouth, eliminating the chemicals from tobacco smoke. 

Vaping with the Gunnpod President gives you a wide variety of flavours to make it easier to choose a pen instead of a tobacco cigarette. Instead of burning the stick, vape pens use a coil and atomizer to vapourize the liquid, cutting out all the carcinogens from your body and the air around you.

When you’re ready to quit smoking, the safest, healthiest, and easiest alternative is the Gunnpod President. Buy yours at authorized shops like OzGunnPod for the best and freshest experience at competitive prices, delivered straight to your door.

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