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Why I Quit Smoking With Vapes and How You Can, Too

As a pack-a-day smoker, I knew all the ways I could better spend my money. I just didn’t care enough to quit the habit I also knew was likely killing me. I enjoyed it too much.

Then, someone introduced me to vapes, and everything changed. 

It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, I grew to prefer my flavorful e-cigarettes over the, let’s face it, not quite as yummy tobacco alternative I’d gotten used to. What I noticed was the more I vaped, the more I noticed the ashy smoke flavor really wasn’t enjoyable. And neither was walking around smelling like a cigarette tray.

So, I quit the tobacco habit and switched solely to vaping, and I’ve never looked back. Since then, I’ve had more money in my wallet, I get way fewer dirty looks when I’m smoking in public, and my clothes and my house don’t have that second-hand smoke stench we smokers don’t notice, but non-smokers do.

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, my way is one way to do it. But there are plenty of other reasons you might want to put away your cigarette and switch to vaping. Here are some facts that could convince you to give it a shot.

1. There Aren’t As Many Chemicals

One of the major concerns cigarette smokers have is that they’re inhaling more than 7,000 potentially deadly chemicals. At least one of them is bound to be the reason they get cancer.

While e-cigarettes aren’t completely innocent, they only have five (or fewer) ingredients. One of those is flavor, and that’s not harmful. Compared to tobacco cigarettes, your chances of getting cancer are much lower when you’re vaping.

2. You Can Taper Out Your Nicotine

Since the nicotine content in e-cigarettes is less than in cigarettes, you still get your kick, but your body can get used to the lower doses. Instead of quitting cold turkey, you have the option of doing a gradual decline, reducing the nicotine level until, eventually, you find e-cigarettes without nicotine to vape.

3. You’ll Smell Better

Vaping and cigarettes introduce nicotine into your body through a method of inhalation. That’s about where the similarities end.

Because vaping uses vapor (hence the name), you don’t have the disgustingly strong smell associated with traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco. E-cigs heat the e-liquid in the disposable vape, which is then inhaled through vapors, not smoke.

In fact, the smells that come along with vaping match the flavors and scents of the e-liquid you select. Many of these aromas can be quite pleasant and will be more acceptable to the non-smokers around you for the short time the vapors stick around.

4. Vapes Are a Generally Safer Product

You’ve heard many stories about smokers falling asleep and catching their furniture on fire or setting the woods ablaze with a cigarette butt. The warnings are real, and you should listen and be extra cautious with lit cigarettes. They can be extremely deadly.

E-vapes, on the other hand, don’t cause harm this way. Yes, it’s possible, yet rare, that an e-cigarette lithium-ion battery can explode and catch fire. But so can your laptops and certain smartphones. 

E-cigarettes use atomization, not burning, to work, making them less likely to be a fire hazard unless you’re using a counterfeit product or a faulty part in the device.

Overall, e-cigs are accepted as more environmentally friendly than tobacco cigarettes because they emit fewer air pollutants and don’t emit carbon dioxide. Manufacturers don’t rely on harmful methods like deforestation and soil degradation to make a vape.

The disposable vape is a better option all around, from the environment’s safety to yours.

5. Vapes Are Cheaper

Finally, let’s talk cost.

How much you could save by switching to vaping depends on factors like how much you smoke, which brands you use, and the quantity and type of vape you use instead.

Vape products are generally cheaper than cigarettes, mostly due to the lower tax rate you pay for vaping. The puff-per-dollar ratio is higher, so you’ll get more inhalations for fewer bucks spent on a pack of tobacco smokes.

Between the extra money in your pocket, the wide choices of flavors, the smooth inhale, and the other benefits, it’s no wonder most cigarette smokers switch to vaping. The overall effect is much more enjoyable and, of course, healthier.

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