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Discover the Famous Faces of Vaping

It’s not just the ordinary people who’ve been won over by the appeal of vaping; numerous celebrities have also embraced the trend. From silver screen stars like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio to celebrated musicians like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, the roster of vaping celebrities is diverse and wide-ranging. This roster includes film stars, models, musicians, and TV actors, each of whom have been spotted enjoying their vape devices in public.

The Celebrities and Their Vaping Habits:

Johnny Depp: Known for his memorable roles in films like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Depp was one of the early celebrity adopters of e-cigarettes. His vaping habit has been showcased both off-screen and in the movie “The Tourist”.

Jack Nicholson: The esteemed actor, famous for films like “The Shining”, “The Departed” and “As Good As It Gets”, has been seen vaping publicly, even during autograph signings.

Leonardo DiCaprio: A Hollywood powerhouse, DiCaprio has been seen vaping at various locations, notably at the 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2016. His prominent roles include “Inception”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, and “Titanic”.

Isla Fisher: Like Depp, Fisher vaped on-screen in “Now You See Me”. She’s been seen using a vaping device publicly multiple times. Her filmography includes “Wedding Crashers”, “The Great Gatsby”, and “Confessions of a Shopaholic”.

Samuel L. Jackson: Known for his roles in hit films like “Pulp Fiction”, “Jurassic Park”, and “The Incredibles”, Jackson openly shares his vaping habits on social media. He was even seen vaping on television during a poetry slam.

Katherine Heigl: The “Grey’s Anatomy” Emmy Award winner has been open about her vaping habit, even vaping during her appearance on “The Tonight Show with David Letterman”.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Zeta-Jones, famous for her roles in “The Mask of Zorro”, “Ocean’s Twelve”, and “Chicago”, has been seen vaping, especially after her husband, Michael Douglas, was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Lindsay Lohan: Known for her roles in “Mean Girls”, “The Parent Trap” and “Freaky Friday”, Lohan has been photographed using an e-cigarette.

Natasha Lyonne: Recognized for her roles in “Portlandia” and “Orange is the New Black”, Lyonne reportedly switched from smoking to vaping after undergoing open heart surgery.

Laura Prepon: The “Orange is the New Black” and “That ’70s Show” star has been photographed with a vape, although her stance on vaping is unclear.

Mischa Barton: The “The O.C.” and “The Hills: New Beginnings” actress has been a frontwoman for a British e-cigarette company’s campaign and has been seen vaping.

Katy Perry: The “I Kissed a Girl” and “Firework” singer-songwriter has been seen vaping at a party.

Bruno Mars: Mars, the “Uptown Funk” singer, started vaping and even invested in an e-cigarette company after the passing of his mother.

Lady Gaga: The “Poker Face” singer has been photographed with a vape pen and shared her thoughts on vaping through social media.

Miley Cyrus: Known for her music hits and roles in shows like “Hannah Montana”, Cyrus has been spotted vaping in public and during live performances.

Britney Spears: The “Baby One More Time” singer reportedly switched from smoking to vaping to improve her health.

Cara Delevingne:

The model and actress has been seen vaping at a basketball game.

Helen Flanagan: The “Coronation Street” actress considers vaping a healthier alternative and has been photographed using e-cigarettes.

Alexa Chung: The British model and entrepreneur has shared her journey of quitting smoking on Instagram, featuring vaping.

Bobby Brown: The pioneer of hip-hop and R&B fusion has been spotted vaping with a vape mod in public.

PewDiePie: The famous YouTuber was seen vaping in one of his videos.

Marc Jacobs: The fashion designer, an avid vaper, often shares videos of himself vaping on Instagram.

Paris Hilton: The socialite has been spotted vaping and photographed holding a cig-a-like multiple times.

Courtney Love: The former rockstar has been seen vaping numerous times and has endorsed an e-cigarette company.

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