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Fruity Vaping: What Your Favourite Fruit Says About You

We all have our favorite flavours, whether they’re meals, gum, candy, or, most recently, vapes! When you’re all about disposable vaping, you probably notice you tend to go for one or two flavours over the rest. Well, that says something about your personality!

What does your fruity tendency say about you? Check out these popular flavours, and compare them to your own traits!


The apple. It’s a fruit that’s been around since time began. If apples are your go-to, you’re classic, timeless, and dependable.


Who doesn’t like bananas? Plus, they’re yellow, and everyone knows yellow means happy. Banana flavours show that you’re positive, full of energy, and fun to be around. You might have a protective outer layer, but it’s easy to peel back when you love someone.


Blackberries and relationships go hand-in-hand. Those who are attracted to this flavour are searching for or trying to build the perfect family.


This superfood is the symbol of all things healthy and calm. Blueberries mean you’re all about taking care of your physical and mental health.


Cherries are the happiest fruit of all. If you love cherries, you’re laid-back, fun, and full of good luck.


Grapes have a long history dating back to Greek and Roman mythology. They symbolize abundance, fortune, luck, and logic. If grapes are your favourite taste, you’re logically driven on your quest for abundance.


Grapefruits are attached to the spiritual side of life. When you and this flavour are interconnected, you do a lot of soul-searching.


If you’ve tried a kiwi, you love it, but not everyone gets to sample these unusual fruits. Just like the kiwi, you’re bold, individual, and out-of-the-ordinary. Not everyone gets you, but those that do appreciate you!


Just the smell of lemons brings to mind clean, tidy rooms and freshness. Lemons are used to purify many things across the world. If they’re your go-to, there’s a place for everything, and everything has its (clean) place.


The green fruit combines sweetness with a little tart flavouring, just like you. You’re full of confidence, ready to get things done, but affectionate and loving to those in your circle.


Mangoes are the fruit of knowledge and prosperity. Those who love mangoes tend to be wealthy and wise.


Full of Vitamin C, oranges give you energy. They’re also linked to happiness, sunshine, and positivity. If you’re an orange lover, you’re likely always seeing the glass (of orange juice) as half-full or refillable.


Just saying the name is fun! Papayas are exotic, adventurous, and passionate, and so are you!


Peaches are the symbol of long life. If peach is your must-have flavour, chances are you live life to the fullest!


The pear is often associated with the female body, fruity, feminine, and curvy. Those who love pears aren’t necessarily feminine, but they are strongly in tune with that side of their lives.


Pineapples are frequently used in gatherings and events where the hosts want their guests to feel welcome. You, too, are friendly, easygoing, and ready to look out for others.


There’s no other fruit that symbolises perseverance and determination like a plum. When these fruits are your favourite, you’re determined to be successful in everything you do.


The pink/purple of raspberries is associated with the heart and love. Raspberry lovers are truly kind and caring to everyone.


Strawberries are connected to romance, love, and youth. When you’re attracted to the flavour of strawberry, you’re always looking for love in the world.


Hardy and stable, watermelons are the hardest working of all fruits. You, the watermelon lover, work hard and are full of intelligence.

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