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Switching to vaping opens up a world of new taste sensations!

With such a variety of flavour profiles, your journey into the world of vaping will be full of discoveries and pleasant surprises!
Not sure which flavour to choose? Worry not, we’ll help you find your perfect flavour match!
We have something for everyone in our assortment, from those with a sweet tooth to aficionados of classic tastes.

We’ve put together a selection of our most popular flavours, so you have a representative list to get acquainted with.
So, fasten your seat belts as we embark on an exciting journey through the world of vape flavours!

Classic Flavours
If you’re just getting started with vaping or prefer uncomplicated flavours, try our best-selling and most popular flavour – GunnPod 2000: Classic Tobacco. Experience the authenticity of classic tobacco in every puff! You can also enjoy the classic taste with GunnPod Lume 5000 Puffs Tobacco and iGet King 2700 Puffs Smooth Tobacco.

Sweet Flavours
Immerse yourself in the world of genuine dessert delights with our sweet flavours such as iGet XXL: Cotton Candy, iGet Bar: Ice Cream, iGet King: Vanilla Ice Cream and GunnPod Cola Ice . They’ll transport you to a haven of sweetness and make your heart race with delight!

Fruity Flavours
Experience the bright palette of fruity aromas with our bestsellers: GunnPod 2000: President, Grape, Fruit Monster, Strawberry Lush and iGet Bar: Passionfruit Mango Lime, Grape Ice, Banana Ice. They’ll explode your imagination with their juicy and rich notes!

Mystery boxes
If you’re a true adventurer and love surprises, our Mystery boxes option is just for you! You’ll get to open a box without knowing in advance which vapes are waiting for you inside. It’s a brilliant way to surprise yourself and try new flavours, trusting fate and our experts!

Cast aside your doubts and dive into the amazing world of vape flavours! Visit our website, explore the available options, and give yourself a treat. And if you still don’t know where to start, contact our fantastic team, and we’ll guide you in the right direction!

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