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The Genesis of Vaping

Vaping provides a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking for many individuals. It effectively eliminates most of the risks while preserving all the benefits. Coupled with the fact that vapes tend to be more enjoyable to use and socially accepted, transitioning to vaping seems like an evident choice. But, who conceptualized vaping?

Vaping is generally perceived as a ‘recent’ innovation, but traces of it can be found even prior to World War II. The inception of the concept can be traced back to the early 1930s when Joseph Robinson patented an electronic cigarette design in 1927. However, it failed to catch on; it never saw commercial release and there’s no evidence of even a prototype!

Fast forward to the 1960s, Herbert A. Gilbert established his own patent for an electronic smoking device. Gilbert’s prototypes materialized, but like Robinson, he failed to commercialize his invention. Despite evident interest, it seemed parties preferred to wait until the patent expired to produce their versions instead of licensing his.

For the next two decades, vaping fell by the wayside until a commercially available e-cigarette was created by physician Norman Jacobsen. It didn’t utilize electricity, but instead worked through an evaporation process. Despite the failure of this device, it contributed to the birth of the term ‘vape’, which has stayed with us since.

The 1990s witnessed a surge of e-cigarettes on the market. Although they weren’t similar to what we have today, they adopted parallel methodologies. Yet, the lack of market approval from bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US hindered the industry’s progress worldwide.

The first e-cig resembling those of today came about in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. In light of his father’s demise due to lung cancer, this invention was intended to provide a healthier option. The first product was called Ruyan, meaning ‘like smoke’, a fitting moniker indeed.

By the mid-2000s, e-cigarettes started appearing in Europe and beyond. Hence, if you’re looking for a ‘father’ of the e-cig industry, it could be Hon Lik or perhaps Mr. Robinson, depending on how far you want to go back, and your interpretation of the ‘first’ vape.

Regardless of who invented the vape or when it came about, modern iterations have far surpassed the initial versions of these smoking devices. Vapes are highly popular now, making them an excellent choice for anyone in Australia who wants to see how far this technology has come. Whether you remember the first vapes or wish to try vaping for the first time, our expansive range of products will ensure you find precisely what you’re seeking.

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