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With vaping’s rising popularity in Australia, understanding etiquette rules around public vaping is key. These guidelines ensure a safe, comfortable environment for vapers and non-vapers alike, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user.

Here are our top tips for responsible public vaping:

  1. Be Mindful of Others

Our key rule: respect others’ space. Although vaping differs from smoking cigarettes, not everyone may enjoy being near someone exhaling vapour.

Mind your choice of flavour in public spaces. Our shop carries a range of flavours, from classic options to unusual ones like Fried Chicken & Milk Tea. In public, milder flavours like apple may be less overpowering.

  1. Vape Where Permitted

Australia’s vaping rules vary by location. Some places may be smoke-free, while others allow vaping in designated areas. In Victoria, indoor vaping is banned, so always ensure you know the local rules before you vape.

  1. Respect Personal Space

Even people comfortable with vaping might dislike being too close to vapour clouds. Maintain a respectful distance when vaping, to avoid encroaching on others’ personal space.

  1. Ask Before Vaping

Asking permission before vaping in public can avoid discomfort for those around you. If they decline, you can move to a people-free area for considerate outdoor vaping.

  1. Dispose of Vaping Products Properly

When you’re done vaping, dispose of your device and parts responsibly. Lithium-ion batteries can damage the environment if discarded carelessly. Take used batteries to a disposal bin or a shop that accepts them. Clean e-liquid from your vape pods before disposing them in a general waste bin.


  1. Don’t Blow Vapour Directly at People

It’s considered impolite and potentially harmful to blow vapour directly at someone. Aim your clouds in the opposite direction as a courtesy.

  1. Don’t Criticise Smokers

Many vapers are former smokers. Being aggressive to smokers is inappropriate and unhelpful. Instead, educate smokers about the benefits of switching to vaping.

  1. Don’t Vape Near Children

It’s not only illegal to vape in a car with children under 16, but it’s also disrespectful to expose kids to vapour clouds. Aim your clouds away from children.

  1. Don’t Vape Where It’s Prohibited

Ensure that your chosen vaping spot doesn’t prohibit e-cigarettes. Using them in a smoke-free indoor or outdoor zone is illegal. If a venue displays a vaping-free sign, respect it and move elsewhere.

  1. Don’t Vape in Poorly Ventilated Areas

Avoid vaping in small, unventilated spaces, whether it’s a windowless bedroom or a public toilet cubicle. In cars with passengers, ask if they mind your vaping. If they’re comfortable, keep a window down to disperse the vapour more quickly.

  1. Don’t Vape on Public Transport

In Australia, vaping is prohibited on public transport, including buses, trains, taxis, and rideshares. It’s also illegal to vape in cars with passengers under 16. Public waiting areas for transportation, such as airports, train stations, tram shelters, and bus shelters, typically prohibit vaping. However, some places may provide designated vaping areas.

Our shop offers an extensive range of vaping products. We also offer a Mystery Box, featuring ten assorted vapes with surprise flavours – perfect for parties. Explore our collection of varying puff count and flavour options today. Enjoy free shipping on orders over 99 dollars in Australia.

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