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Why the iGet Legend 4000 is Making Waves in Australia

Have you heard about the latest disposable vape getting rave reviews? It’s the iGet Legend 4000, and it’s been making waves in Australia.

What is it about this electronic cigarette that has people putting aside their old favourites and grabbing the Legend instead? Here’s an overview of the iGet Legend to help you decide if you want to make the switch, too.

The Specs and Design

If you love how your vape pen enhances your style, the iGet Legend 4000 is right up your alley. The sleek, contemporary design, complete with stainless steel body and a black matte overlay, matches every ensemble and adds class to your look.

Sure, it looks good, but is it easily portable? Yes! This lightweight pen can slide seamlessly into your pocket or purse until you’re ready to use it.

The 4000 puff capacity is made from various e-juice flavours , all held in the 12 mL one-fill cartridge tank. The Legend’s double-coil atomizer enhances the vapour that enters your system, making a much more even inhalation with a richer taste. 

The LED battery is safe and effective enough to last for all 4000 puffs in your pen. When it’s empty, just discard your disposable, and grab the next one. Choose a new flavour or stick with your tried-and-true favourite. There are plenty of options!

Sleek, Sexy, and Supercharged: The iGet Legend Has it All

If you’re ready to upgrade your current vape experience or are just getting started, the iGet Legend is your answer. Be sure to buy from a reputable iGet reseller, like OzGunnPod, and you’ll see why so many people are using the iGet Legend to take their vaping to the next level.

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