Banana Ice


Introducing the enchanting Frozen Forest Berry flavour from GunnPod’s esteemed MOSS range. This captivating blend entices the palate with a medley of forest-fresh berries

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What’s In Your GunnPod MOSS

Unveiling the all-new Banana Ice sensation from GunnPod’s prestigious MOSS selection. This mesmerizing fusion beckons the taste buds with a symphony of ripe bananas, intricately balanced to summon visions of a frost-kissed forest. With every draw, immerse yourself in the seamless union of succulent bananas, embraced by a crisp, icy embrace that tantalizes the senses. Revel in the exhilarating blend of nature’s sweetness and glacial freshness with GunnPod MOSS Banana Ice. Surrender to the allure of this icy indulgence, where tropical delight meets arctic chill.


  • 1 x GunnPod MOSS
  • Rechargeable Device
  • Great Tasting Flavours
  • Up to 8000+ Puffs15
  • Great Tasting Flavours
  • POD replaceable
  • Smart Screen
  • Airflow Control

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