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Make the Switch From Smoking to Vaping With These Simple Tips

How many times has some well-meaning person come up to you and suggested that you quit smoking “for your health”? As you know, it’s easy to decide you want to stop. Actually quitting is the hard part.

However, there’s a new method in town that looks interesting and not like all those “quit smoking fast” tricks you’ve already tried. Yes, you’ve heard about vaping, and you want to know the details on how to switch from cigarettes to vapes.

The thing about smoking is that what started as a fun habit is now a chemical dependency. Your brain thinks it needs the nicotine in a cigarette to survive. But while you’re smoking a tobacco cigarette, you’re also inhaling the thousands of pollutants, chemicals, and toxins that come with it.

Instead of getting your nicotine fix with a traditional cigarette, you can achieve those results with a vape and “trick” your brain into feeling satisfied. Ready to give it a shot? Follow these simple tips, and you may find that you prefer vaping in no time!

Give Yourself Some Patience

You weren’t hooked on cigarettes instantly, and neither will you likely quit the habit “cold turkey.” Some people can, but that’s rare and not a healthy outlook to put on yourself.

Rather than aiming for that goal, start by giving yourself progressive steps. Switch one cigarette to a vape the first day, then two, then so on. You may notice that you prefer the flavour of a vape over the charry taste of a cigarette.

By the end of the first week, you should be completely vaping instead of smoking traditional cigarettes. If you catch yourself sliding back into bad smoking habits, don’t beat yourself up. Just reframe your mind and restart your goals. 

Stay Busy

When you’re bored, your brain decides you want to smoke. When your hands aren’t occupied, they’re drawn to cigarettes. Stay busy and keep your hands doing something at all times, and you’ll find you can go longer periods without smoking or vaping.

You know that it’s possible to go hours without smoking. You do this when you’re sleeping, at work, and in places where smoking is prohibited. However, when you’re on your own time and in control, it often feels like you have to have that cigarette. If you can’t resist it, grab a vape instead of a tobacco stick.

Staying active serves another purpose. You’ll remember what it’s like to have that mental clarity that you lose with the chemicals in a cigarette, and you’ll rebuild muscles you may not have used in a while.

Take a walk in the woods or stroll through the mall, leaving your cigarettes and vapes behind. Go somewhere you won’t be tempted to smoke while you’re forced to keep moving, and you’ll slowly break that habit.

Try New Brands and Flavours

A key difference between smoking and vaping is that you have one taste of cigarettes. Vapes offer you hundreds of varieties of brands and flavours, so you can shop around until you find the kind you like best.

You can use various devices or stick with a simple disposable vape pen. Try different brands and the flavours available in each one. Every brand uses its own high-quality ingredients. Although the names of the flavours may look the same, they’ll taste different. 

Simply trying all the options out there should keep you busy enough to forget about smoking for a while. By the time you’ve sorted through them all and found your favorite, you’ll prefer vaping tasty e-liquids over the charry taste of a tobacco cigarette.

Share Your Story

It’s common to feel like you have to hide your bad habit. But sharing your story with others can inspire them to quit and help you realize you’re not alone. 

Other people understand your craving and why it’s so hard to quit. They can tell you things that have helped them or relate to you in a way that makes you feel heard and stronger.

Sharing your drive to quit with others also helps keep you accountable. They’ll check in with you and ask how your goal is going. You won’t want to admit that you’re sliding, so you’ll try harder to make it happen.

Your friends and family will be supportive, even if you replace tobacco cigarettes with vapes. They want you to live longer, and this is the first step. When they know you’re trying to quit, they’ll be more aware of keeping you away from things that may cause you to fall back into the habit.

Keep Track of Your Baby Steps

Progress is progress, no matter how slow or fast. Keep track of the baby steps you take, like cutting back one cigarette a day or week and replacing it with a vape.

When you track your progress on paper or an app, you can go back and look at it if you end up stressed and pulling out a cigarette. The progress tracker serves as a reminder that you can and have made strides toward quitting once, and you can do it again.

Don’t let falling off the wagon once or twice (or as many times as it takes) stop you from getting back up and taking those progressive steps again.


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